Resources to help you!

How do you tell what is legit in an email these days and what is a hoax BECAUSE they make it look so real...

Here are a few sites to help you out:

SNOPES - A site of reference for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors and misinformation.  This site was founded by Barbara and David Mikkelson from the Los Angles area in 1995.  Began as an expression of a shared interest in researching urban legends quickly grew into what is widely regard by folklorists, journalists and laypersons as an essential resource.  Routinely included in the annual "Best of the Web" list, is a trusted resource.

HOAX-SLAYER - a site dedicated to disproving email hoaxes and scammers as well as combating spam and educating we users about email and internet security issues.

Understand we check out resources thoroughly before offering them to you as a source.  Therefore, this list is a live resource meaning